Published October 9, 2013


<p data-atavist-id="at524c7147ae32a">In Spanish, almost any noun can be fashioned into a verb by applying the suffix&nbsp;<em>-eando.</em>&nbsp;<em>Sabadeando</em>: Saturdaying.&nbsp;<em>Domingueando</em>: Sundaying. You&rsquo;re not just going to the park on Sunday, or eating day-old chicharrines and watching f&uacute;tbol hungover on your couch, you&rsquo;re&nbsp;<em>domingueando</em>. You&rsquo;re embodying the essence of the day.</p><p data-atavist-id="at524c7147ae3b4">In this collection of street photos, photographer&nbsp;<strong>Nikhol Ester&aacute;s Roberts</strong>&nbsp;goes&nbsp;<em>Oaxaqueando</em>. She searches for the experience of Oaxaca in faces; in moments; in the spontaneity, surreality, and quiet quotidian poignancy of life in the streets. For so much of life in Oaxaca takes place on the cobblestones and the gray, chicharrin-and-cacahuate-littered plazas: under laurels, at festivals, in the intersection between the sacred and the banal, between people and the streets, and between the private and the public. Roberts&rsquo; work, like all compelling street photography, explores these tensions to locate the daily thrum of Oaxacan life.&nbsp;</p>
Published July 8, 2013

The Goat Slaughter

Life and death in La Mixteca

<p>Sarah Menkedick and Jorge Santiago travel to the remote, impoverished Mixteca region of Oaxaca to watch the annual slaughter of thousands of goats, expecting to be converted into stalwart vegetarians. Instead, they find themselves drawn into ancient rituals of killing.</p>
Published January 6, 2013

The Rider’s Prayer

Sarah Menkedick and Jorge Santiago

<p> Sarah Menkedick witnesses the electrifying and terrifying spectacle of&nbsp;<em>jaripeo&nbsp;</em>in one of Oaxaca&rsquo;s remote indigenous villages, and finds resilience, abandon, chile-covered mangoes, and the boy with seven lives.&nbsp;</p>
Published January 4, 2013

The Bright Burning of Dory Tourette